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State Licensed and ASHI Certified Milton Yee

Northeast Ohio Home Inspector  

Milton’s decision to pursue a career in home inspection stems from his desire to operate a small business linked to the real estate industry. He wanted to incorporate his extensive experience in the real estate industry, namely remodeling, property management, and residential appraising.

He enjoys having the opportunity to assist buyers by identifying and communicating both safety and functional deficiencies so that their decision is based on objective and unbiased findings. He also knows that each home inspection will be unique, since each will have its own specific pros and cons.

Milton has undertaken a lifelong commitment to learning, given the development of new technologies in the major systems inspected. He likes being able to communicate to the buyer/seller, both verbally and in a digital report format, via an objective and unbiased report highlighting both safety and functional deficiencies, which will assist the buyer in making a prudent purchase decision.


Milton Yee’s Certifications  

  • Ohio Licensed Home Inspector #2021005503
  • ASHI Certified Inspector #210534
  • Radon Measurement #RT1760
  • Deck Certification ASHI
  • Pool Certification ASHI
  • Infrared Certification
  • Adheres to all of the State of Ohio’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Protected by Errors & Omissions/General Liability Insurance

Building Types Inspected

Building Types

Milton has 25+ years of home inspection experience. He inspects residential home types, including the following:

  • Homes of all values

  • Condominiums

  • Townhomes

  • 2-4 Family Unit Apartments

Specialized Industry Tools

Milton knows that the only way to give you a truly thorough inspection report is by using two types of inspections: visual and with tools. He keeps the following with him whenever he’s doing a home inspection.

Home Inspector Milton Yee Uses Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter – Milton will be able to find out if there’s any moisture in your home with this meter, along with any related accumulations of mold.

Home Inspector Milton Yee Uses Infrared Camera

Infrared Camera – We’ll use it to look for hidden leaks, insulation issues, and more.

Home Inspector Milton Yee Uses Gas Leak Detector

Gas Leak Detector – Are there any tiny gas leaks in the home? We can root them out with our gas leak detector!

Home Inspector Milton Yee Uses Radon Measurement Tool

Radon Measurement – Radon is a substance you definitely don’t want in your new home. We’ll be able to measure how much radon is present and will let you know if it’s above the limit set by the EPA.

We're Here for you

Being in the home inspection industry means that we work with a variety of different personalities. Every single one of them deserves the very best we can give, and doing so is a pledge we make to you. We’ve got some of the best inspection guidelines in Northeast Ohio to make this pledge a reality.

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